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We carry a variety of awesome seed strains from several experienced growers around California, ZenTwist and Ninja to name a few! They have spent literally years with experimenting, creating, and improving genetic strains, and we offer at reasonable cost’s their seeds, plants and clones for your own growing needs, and pleasure. Over the last several years we slowly began introducing a few varieties for people to play with who were looking for new and exotic genes to play with and invigorate into their own gene pools. They all were more than just a little satisfied in fact they were pleasantly surprised with the results of their harvest, from our awesome botanical line up!
All seeds have been sprouted and grown from germination to finished product as to know the results, and to insure quality control before ever landing in your own hands. No guessing games, or ” I think its good?! ” Ever happens here! All seeds have been germinated and grown right here, in sunny San Diego and northern California, which means they are acclimated to weather conditions right here in your own backyard, also meaning, easier, and heartier to grow. Most of the seeds have been harvested within the last 3 months to 3 years, we have some that are a few years older but well taken care of, and even then we will tell you so. ZenTwist actually sprouted seeds once, that were 19 years old. ( ” That is now the infamous Jewels which is from the original Purple Haze strain crossed in a few of his strains” ) Its about storage and care, yet that was pure magic luck, how they got into his hands!
As for clones and plants, we will have shortly 6inchers to teens 2ft+ available. There are less to choose from than the seeds, yet there are a nice variety as well as more common strains, that some people just prefer to grow. We also offer sprouting seeds for you if you are so inclined and not comfortable with that aspect of growing.
As for Clones, You would have to check on any certain day. We personally prefer a2 week notice to have fresh cut and rooted clones available. Personally no one likes having month old+ clones sitting around. This causes more issues with genetic drift and disease.

Medical Cannabis Seeds ” Super Fire OG “

Medical Cannabis Seeds (F1): Indica: 3 seed packet: Harvested 2014: When it comes to medical cannabis seeds?! Ninja, is one of the best, he is very dedicated in procuring the best out of every new strain he ventures in to! He is becoming literally, one of the best underground grower/breeders around. Sitting with him we can… View Article

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White Dawg-Medical Marijuana Seeds

White Dawg-Medical Marijuana Seeds!!! White Dawg is a combination of 2 people who love their craft. Zentwist from Northern California and Rainbow a breeder from Hawaii. These seeds were created out of a cross of a Hawaiian White Buffalo crossed with a Chem Dog #4 obtained from Zen! This is a hearty plant and definitely grows… View Article

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