Purple Dragon: Indoor-Soil grown  Catalog

Indoor-Soil grown -

Emerald Cookies

Emerald Cookies: Indoor Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Upbeat focused, energizing: Here’s a real unique strain! Not even sure we will ever get it again. Emerald Cookies is an Excellent Indoor cross of Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies! This Girl retains the high energy of her cousin Green Crack ( Hate the name by the way… View Article

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Dos Si Dos -Dessert Boutique-

Dos Si Do: Tasty Indoor Indica Dominant: Great  for Chronic Pain, stress, smooth body relaxation without knocking one out!: Do-Si-Do is a wonderful Indica Dominant strain: She is a cross of the infamous Face Off Og and Girl Scout Cookies. An Awesome dessert boutique flower just smashes all 4 points of ratings with ridiculous ease!… View Article

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BLUEBERRY MUFFINS: Blueberry Muffins is one of those delicious strains that comes around that just knocks one off their feet! For 2 reasons one the flavor and fragrance is to die for! Then potency just flat out whips your ass! How could something so beautiful smelling destroy ones sensability?? LMAO! Seriously though this is a… View Article

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