Purple Dragon: Indica Dominant  Catalog

Indica Dominant - Description:


XXX OG: Superior indica dominant: With interesting energy boosting and mental clarity highlights: XXX OG is an excellent Connoisseur Corner quality Tip Top Shelf Indica dominant.  This particular batch is grown in indoor soil adding a really good flavor and wonderful aroma. This is worth every penny you spend. Along with appetite stimulation, is great for… View Article

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Tahoe Og

Tahoe Og: Connoisseur Corner: Indica Dominant: Tahoe Og is another well sought after strain of the Og family. Another strong super tasty and potent topshelf beauty! This is definitely a face puncher! Truly meant for night time activities. A serious body buzz, that brings a powerful deep body relaxation. It is a wonderful smoke for aches and… View Article

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Diamond Og G.H.

Diamond Og: Soil Grown Greenhouse: 50/50 Hybrid: This is a frosty beautiful potent Og hybrid cross. As many Og’s are Diamond Og’s attributes are more for the evening type of activities. She is a  very potent strain. Giving a potent relaxing and long lasting kind of sedative both to the head and body. She can… View Article

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Lady “O” Nugs

LADY “O” Nugs is a Purple Dragon indoor, in-house strain: Indica dominant: Great for pain, Relaxation and appetite. Lady “O” Nugs is the smaller buds of Lady “O” which came on the scene shortly after Silver Animal  Cookies. An amazing strain in her own right that took the Las Vegas Cannabis cup Back in 2015 and… View Article

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Redwood Og is very unique in her smell! ( Swear to all God’s not named Hades! ) When I squeezed this glorious looking bud, I was very surprised how similar the smell was to a real redwood tree. Nothing else smells like a redwood tree! Well except maybe this! Redwood Og is a very body… View Article

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