Purple Dragon: Indica Dominant Hybrid  Catalog

Indica Dominant Hybrid - Description:

Pink Candy

Pink Candy is just the latest thing to hit Purple Dragon. She seems to have rave reviews in Hollywood! What do those Actors and Musicians know anyway?! Kidding! Not really, yeah unless its Charlie Sheen who didn’t give a rats ass what people thought who can you really trust up there? Pink Candy is a… View Article

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Purple Ninja DEAL $149=1/2oz/$259=1oz

Indica Dominant: Great for pain, relaxation, sleep: In-house Strain: Purple Ninja is a Top Notch Indica Dominant strain: This lovely exclusive exotic Purple Wonder, is running on a special $149 for 1/2 oz $259 for full oz! If you love purples?! Look no further than Purple Ninja. This is a top shelf Heavy Indica dominant,… View Article

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PURPLE NINJA (Exclusive Exotic)

This is an Exclusive Exotic indoor soil grown organic strain

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