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Exclusive Exotics -

Exclusive Exotics are either New, In-house, and or Rare genetic strains. That sometimes are incredibly hard to find! We work with Independent growers, who specialize in what we would also say is ” Unique strains!” We also feel privileged to be able to offer them to you. Exclusive Exotics is exactly that, and they are grown with much love, and care, from a collection of extraordinary growers. Who have honed their craft, and make available sometimes only 1 pound at a time! You should already know you are getting the top of the line, and top of the best there is to offer, in quality cannabis, we are exited to share these with you, and once you do try these flowers, you will surely know they belong where they are, you will be more than just pleasantly surprised! With much love and harmony Enjoy! Mr DEE :)

ZEN COOKIES (Organic Exclusive Exotic)

Zen Cookies: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for chronic pain, deep relaxation, appetite and sleep! Zen Cookies was developed by ZenTwist a grower originally from Northern Calif! Between him and Ninja, they have created a variety of marvelous strains. They trade with each other some of their strains they developed to enhance their genetic pools! Zen… View Article

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