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Medical marijuana edibles are food and drink created with medicinal cannabis extracts in. Purple Dragon caters to all patients who prefer to use edible cannabis instead of smoking or vaping.

AC/DC (high Cbd strain)

Ac-Dc is one of the more highly regarded strains that produce very high levels of cannabidiol (CBD’s) Which for someone who has major anxiety or pain will find a true benefit! This is not something one would smoke if they were looking to get high or super couch lock! Doesn’t work that way. Yet for someone who is looking for pure pain relief this is your show! Ac-Dc derives from the Cbd rich strain Cannatonic! It has a 22-1 ratio of cbds to thc. Not only is Ac-Dc good for treating pain and fighting cancer cells it is also could for treating those suffering from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, as well as any negative effects of chemotherapy.

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Wonder drops is simply a wonderful product that really works and provides relief from a myriad of symptoms. This particular Wonder Drops is a 25-1 ratio so it is perfect for someone who does not want to be feel any effects of the medicine other than no pain / no anxiety. As some say to… View Article

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Hashman Hash Caps CBD , Indica , Sativa

Medical Marijuana Capsules Hashman Hash caps are a great addition to this expanding market in the cannabis world. This form of medication is becoming quite popular in the modern day world and quite frankly the convenience is the key. Hashman is establishing themselves quickly on the tincture front. By knowing what is really needed in consumable… View Article

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Y/NOT Snaps – Medicated Candies – (250mg)

Cannabis edibles

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