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Gelato #33 Gorgeous indoor Heavy Indica Dominant: great for chronic Pain, Appetite, sleep: Gelato #33 was originally designed by The Cookie Family! A really top notch breeder/seed company! That as usual Jungle Boys put on the map! #33 is the most heavy hitting  of the Gelato Family collection so far! Provides a soothing deep mind… View Article

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Strawberry Banana (indoor Boutique)

Strawberry Banana: 70/30 Indica Dominant: THC content can range as High as 26%: Euphoric, pain free, relaxation: Strawberry Banana may quickly turn you into a bubbly bouncing giggling silly person. Yet! If thats what your looking for well you’ve come to the right place. This lovely fragrant strain starts with a smooth and gradual head buzz… View Article

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