Purple Dragon: Dessert Boutique  Catalog

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Grape Juicy: Nice body relaxation that offers one a super mellow touch: Grape Juicy will ease you on down that road of chillness yet put you in the mood for a relaxing socializing vibe! Anyone for Berry White? Not the strain!! A new strain that has a variety of crosses! Descended from Taheoe crossed with… View Article

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Rainbow Cookies: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Relaxation Appetite: An excellent evening smoke: Rainbow Cookies is a fabulous new Strain you just have to try. The rainbow colors of this beauty are simply gorgeous. She has smaller sized buds that are more in tradition of the original Girl Scout Cookie strain. Don’t be fooled by her petite… View Article

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Jungle Boy’s WET BETTY “New Strain”

Wet Betty: From Jungle boys: 75/25 Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for Migraines, relaxation Appetite, Sleep: Wet betty Jungle Boys is one big fat gorgeous girl and quite the sight to behold. Semi dense buds that are Golf ball shape and size and even bigger. The Buds are Literally round in shape. With a hefty amount… View Article

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Strawberry OG: Indoor: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Attributes Deep body relaxation, anti anxiety, creative focus: Strawberry Og is a really cool 3 way cross consisting of, San Fernando Valley OG, Strawberry Diesel, and Bruce Banner. This lovely fruity fragrant smelling flower is a very unique Indica Hybrid. Along with a deep body relaxation she  has a… View Article

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GELATO -Dessert Boutique-

Gelato: Indoor: 55%/45%  Indica Dominant hybrid: Attributes: Relaxation, Pain, Focus, Euphoric well being a balanced Head and body: Gelatos Tests are regularly in the 20% range with THC content. She is a very heady high that is wonderful for treating someone who deals with a variety of chronic pain issues as well as muscle spasms, migraines and inflammation. This incredible strain starts with… View Article

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Dos Si Dos -Dessert Boutique-

Dos Si Do: Tasty Indoor Indica Dominant: Great  for Chronic Pain, stress, smooth body relaxation without knocking one out!: Do-Si-Do is a wonderful Indica Dominant strain: She is a cross of the infamous Face Off Og and Girl Scout Cookies. An Awesome dessert boutique flower just smashes all 4 points of ratings with ridiculous ease!… View Article

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