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$167=1oz – Spectacular Fresh indoor Nugfest!!

When you see a deal this good, we feel no words are needed because it speaks for itself. Spectacular Fresh indoor Nugs $167=1oz $99=1/2oz $57=1/4oz of Mix n Match Hot Rod / Blueberry Muffins / Orange Cookies / Bob Saget / Silver Animal/ Lady “O” Sky Walker Og , Cherry OG, Blue Cheese, and many… View Article

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$157=½oz Mix&Match Indoor-Topshelf

You want lt??!! You got it!!! indoor-Topshelf! A  Mix and match plethora of 4 different 1/8s from all of our Top Shelves! This includes Exotic Boutiques, Connoisseurs Dream, and Yes even Jungle Boys and Radcliffes! pick from all of our Topshelf ! This deal is designed for you to sample a variety of the very best… View Article

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