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Waffles n Syrup New Strain

Waffles n Syrup: Sativa Dominant: Day time functional: Excellent for chronic pain and Focus: Waffles n Syrup is an amazing new strain from ZenTwist’s “Zen Gardens” The holy land of Outdoor and Greenhouse growing! Nothing is treated with chemicals and all of it soil grown organically fed with nutrients and watered with solarized living water!… View Article

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Super Sour Diesel (indoor)

Super Sour Diesel: Sativa Dominant: Great for  stress, anxiety, pain, Semi Day time functional: Super Sour Diesel is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. It is another great day time semi functional experience for the veteran smoker. A novice smoker may find themseleves overwhelmed with the energy and multpile thoughts that will… View Article

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Strawberry OG: Indoor: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Attributes Deep body relaxation, anti anxiety, creative focus: Strawberry Og is a really cool 3 way cross consisting of, San Fernando Valley OG, Strawberry Diesel, and Bruce Banner. This lovely fruity fragrant smelling flower is a very unique Indica Hybrid. Along with a deep body relaxation she  has a… View Article

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Emerald Cookies

Emerald Cookies: Indoor Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Upbeat focused, energizing: Here’s a real unique strain! Not even sure we will ever get it again. Emerald Cookies is an Excellent Indoor cross of Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies! This Girl retains the high energy of her cousin Green Crack ( Hate the name by the way… View Article

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