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Akashic is the newest form of Co2 infused bud that is actually charged with crystals! Yes It sits amongst the Crystillian World. For those who don’t believe crystals have their healing and inspiring energy does it really make a difference?? Think what you want. Just know as of now there is nothing that comes close. This… View Article

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XXX OG: 60/40 Head and Body Indica Dominant: XXX OG is a very unique strain in the more you smoke the more she takes you down the rabbit hole! If one partakes of her mildly she can even act as a daytime sedative giving one some abilities in a functional focused manner. Too much and… View Article

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Pink Candy

Pink Candy is just the latest thing to hit Purple Dragon. She seems to have rave reviews in Hollywood! What do those Actors and Musicians know anyway?! Kidding! Not really, yeah unless its Charlie Sheen who didn’t give a rats ass what people thought who can you really trust up there? Pink Candy is a… View Article

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