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Classic Og: Indica dominant: Great for Pain appetite, and deep relaxation: Suggested Night time Use: This is a really nice Top Shelf and very stoney 9.9 in Both flavor, Beauty, and Fragrance. Classic Og is a phenotype of Og Kush. Stories abound on this lovely ladies creation and some of them are pretty cool! Regardless… View Article

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Cherry Woo: Indoor: Sativa Dominant Hybrid: Providing relief of Pain and Nausea: Uplifting and alert Focus: Cherry Woo is a direct cross of Cherry Og, and yes you guessed it Dr Who! A delightful light hearted and enjoyable sativa that doesn’t over power ones head sensabilities! Cherry Woo brings a nice balance of head and… View Article

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Akashic is the newest form of Co2 infused bud that is actually charged with crystals! Yes It sits amongst the Crystillian World. For those who don’t believe crystals have their healing and inspiring energy does it really make a difference?? Think what you want. Just know as of now there is nothing that comes close. This… View Article

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