Purple Dragon: Connoisseur Corner  Catalog

Connoisseur Corner - Description:

Lady “O” Nugs

LADY “O” Nugs is a Purple Dragon indoor, in-house strain: Indica dominant: Great for pain, Relaxation and appetite. Lady “O” Nugs is the smaller buds of Lady “O” which came on the scene shortly after Silver Animal  Cookies. An amazing strain in her own right that took the Las Vegas Cannabis cup Back in 2015 and… View Article

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Pink Candy

Pink Candy is just the latest thing to hit Purple Dragon. She seems to have rave reviews in Hollywood! What do those Actors and Musicians know anyway?! Kidding! Not really, yeah unless its Charlie Sheen who didn’t give a rats ass what people thought who can you really trust up there? Pink Candy is a… View Article

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Cherry AK-47 is a hybrid taking an Old School and once extremely popular Sativa in Ak-47 and crossing it with Cherry Pie a serious Indica Dominant. If what they were trying to accomplish was a more upbeat day time functional that could be useful for someone who had pain and still wanted to be of… View Article

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