Purple Dragon: Concentrates  Catalog

Concentrates - Description:

Medical Marijuana Concentrates are the result of extracting and refining the desirable chemical families from cannabis plants using a variety of physical and chemical processes.


Tarantula XXX is the top of the proverbial potency, smack you in the face not for the light hearted Clan! It is the King of them all! This wonderful creation is truly one of a kind and should be smoked by most of you in moderation! Maybe there are a few of you that could… View Article

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OG Kief (Ice Hash)

This is a some of the finest finest Quality of kief hash you will ever find.Personally I was blown away and when most people order it, it’s pretty much the same comment again and again. ” I’ve never seen anything like this before ” which we respond yeah we know we didn’t either! This is… View Article

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DabWax Cowboy Xtracts ( Co2 Extraction )

DabWax: Originator: Cowboy Xtracts, made a very easy thick and pasty decarboxylated Co2 Sap Dab Wax! It can be smoked toked or eaten. It can be used as an enhancement on a joint or in a bowl, or dab with on a nail. It works many ways! This was lab tested at 77% Thc! This is… View Article

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Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter

Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter is extracted using either Co2, Oxygen, or Nitrogen for all of their extraction oils and waxes. Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter is a perfect example of a company using safer and cleaner methods to provide healthier products for the dabbing connoisseur! Shatter in itself is one of the most potent forms of… View Article

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Shatter The High End ( Cookie Glue )

T.H.E. or The High End Shatter is a tasty and clean extract that is done right! Head honcho Jay Jay set out to make the cleanest and healthiest crumble, shatter, and wax he could! It wasn’t hard since so many care more about profit and less about someone’s safety and health! He uses the highest… View Article

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Gold Rush Nugs (Apple Strudel) infused

concentrated co2 oil Infused and decarboxylated flower for pain relief appetite and sleep

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