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Concentrates -

Medical Marijuana Concentrates are the result of extracting and refining the desirable chemical families from cannabis plants using a variety of physical and chemical processes.

OG KIEF ( Dry Ice Hash ) AAA

This is a finest Quality of kief hash you will find. It is AAA grade so fine its like baby powder and super potent, high quality and great smoke. Typically used as a additional additive to a bowl of bud or a joint by just sprinkling on a small amount. For a bowl best smoked… View Article

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Bong Balls: Handcrafted Balls of Co2 Shatter coated in OG Kief: Bong Balls are perfect for putting a little spice and giddy up in your bowl or bong. Start by making a sandwich of ground bud. Fill bowl half way then place ball in the center of the bud then cover over the top with more bud. start… View Article

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Cowboy Xtracts, thick and easy to apply Sap to a joint or easily apply like Dabbing. Lab tested at 77% Thc! This is some very potent thick pasty Co2 wax from Cowboy Extracts. This will be some of the smoothest Wax You’ve ever smoked, It is Co2 DeCarboxylated Wax Safer/Easier to use! (( Decarboxylation is… View Article

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RadWax 1 gram TANGY SOUR

Man if you want to talk about about tasty?! This Tangy sour smells and tastes like sour Tangerines and is a really super potent RadWax Semi shatter. Its is Both is a very clean shatter. Its is soft and a bit tacky but not ridiculous . As usual just throw in the freezer if it… View Article

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RadWax~ Semi Shatter (FUEL) 1 gram

Fuel or Jet Fuel: Sativa Dominant Hybrid Semi Shatter:  Thc content around 17-19% Fuel or Jet Fuel, which also goes by another name “G6,” is a heavy sativa dominant hybrid. She is somewhere around 70% sativa/30% indica. This strain was created by crossing High Country Diesel strains with Aspen OG. Jet Fuel has very powerful THC levels and… View Article

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Resin Kief From Ninja

Ninja Resin Kief: Mix of Purple Ninja, Silver Animal Cookies: Potent Indica Dominant Hybrid mix: Ninja Resin Kief is top of the line! This is a some sticky icky Kief. I was trying to imagine how they did this! This isa  top quality Kief mix of several different strains of NINJA’s hence the name! He… View Article

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DabWax Cowboy Xtracts ( Co2 Extraction )

DabWax: Originator: Cowboy Xtracts, made a very easy thick and pasty decarboxylated Co2 Sap Dab Wax! It can be smoked toked or eaten. It can be used as an enhancement on a joint or in a bowl, or dab with on a nail. It works many ways! This was lab tested at 77% Thc! This is… View Article

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Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter

Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter is extracted using either Co2, Oxygen, or Nitrogen for all of their extraction oils and waxes. Cowboy Xtracts Co2 shatter is a perfect example of a company using safer and cleaner methods to provide healthier products for the dabbing connoisseur! Shatter in itself is one of the most potent forms of… View Article

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