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What is CBD Product (Cannabidiol)?

What-Is-CBD-Cannabidiol“So what is CBD product (Cannabidiol), anyway?” is a question we are commonly asked.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural substance that has recently come into the spotlight for a number of reasons.

It is a relatively new dietary supplement that is still being researched, and while the initial results are promising, there is a lot of doubt, misinformation, and sheer confusion surrounding it.

Recently, CBD oil has become an accepted means of relief from anxiety and inflammation, and the substance’s popularity is rising fairly rapidly.

As the use of CBD oil as a dietary supplement is very new, there are still significant gaps in what we know about its effects. While we can confidently say the substance is safe and legal, its exact benefits are still an issue of hot debates and fervent research

At Purple Dragon we carry the best CBD product for delivery.

HASHMAN Drops 1-1 CBD 100mg / Relax 200 mg Canna Drops

These are another nice company who makes a potent dose both will have some psycho active effects becase of Thc levels! If that is not your thing we have alternatives.

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Wonder Cannabis Tincture Liquid Drops 2.1 Ratio 420 CBD 210 Thc

CBD Oil Wonder Drops 2.1 Ratio great for the daytime functional needs: Alert and focus with plenty of energy: great for pain: Well I always look for quality products! This hands down is one of the best for clean and pure unadulterated and pesticide free. I personally used this one for my mother during her… View Article

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(RSO) CBD Oil: WONDER EXTRACTS 1:1 Ratio 1.8 Grams (THC:720mg/CBD:720MG) TINCTURE EACH

Purple Dragon is proud to offer Rick Simpson CBD Oil for delivery. to San Diego County. This is basically Rick Simpson oil and is one of the more effective ways of dealing with CHRONIC PAIN. Maybe I get in trouble for saying this but I know I am speaking the truth when I say, (… View Article

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(RSO) CBD Oil – WONDER EXTRACTS – 25:1 – R.S.O. 3.0 grams (CBD 3020 mg / Thc 87 mg

RSO CBD Oil from Wonder Extracts. This is perfect for someone with chronic pain who doesn’t wants to feel zero psychoactive effects. This is the highest I have found so far in RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil ) for what amounts to a really great price and you need so little usually 1 to 2… View Article

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WONDER DROPS CBD 25-1 – CBD Oil Delivery

CBD Oil Delivery – WONDER DROPS CBD 25-1   Wonder drops CBD Oil is simply a wonderful product that really works and provides relief from a myriad of symptoms. This particular Wonder Drops is a 25-1 ratio so it is perfect for someone who does not want to be feel any effects of the medicine other… View Article

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