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Strawberry Banana (indoor Boutique)

Strawberry Banana: 70/30 Indica Dominant: THC content can range as High as 26%: Euphoric, pain free, relaxation: Strawberry Banana may quickly turn you into a bubbly bouncing giggling silly person. Yet! If thats what your looking for well you’ve come to the right place. This lovely fragrant strain starts with a smooth and gradual head buzz… View Article

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CHERRY OG ~Boutique~

CHERRY OG: Indoor: 50/50 Heavy indica Domant Hybrid: Good for pain Cherry Og may have OG attached to the end of her name! There is an incredible sativa influence here! This is an interesting cross of Cherry Tai and Lost Coast OG ( Which in itself is a 3 way cross consisting of  offspring from… View Article

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Jungle Boys PURPLE PUNCH (Sleek Boutique!)

Jungle Boys Purple Punch: Smooth Smoking 80% Indica Dominant: Deep Body Relaxation coupled with a Euphoric Mind Ease: This is Jungle Boys Purple Punch! Seriously dude paid $10,000 for the Mother! I have Gots to say well worth the investment! This Girl is so frosty, she looks almost white until you see her up close… View Article

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WOODY’S COOKIES (Indoor Boutique)

Woody’s Cookies  Soil Grown Indoor: New Inhouse strain: Indica dominant: Great for pain Relaxation, Appetite and Sleep: Woody’s Cookies is a superb and consistent Girl Scout Cookie triple cross. Another strain from Ninja that our own staff loves to smoke. A super Quality topshelf! outstanding Connoisseur quality. She is a very smooth smoking minty tasting… View Article

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