Purple Dragon: Balanced Hybrid  Catalog

Balanced Hybrid -

GELATO -Dessert Boutique-

Gelato: Indoor: 55%/45%  Indica Dominant hybrid: Attributes: Relaxation, Pain, Focus, Euphoric well being a balanced Head and body: Gelatos Tests are regularly in the 20% range with THC content. She is a very heady high that is wonderful for treating someone who deals with a variety of chronic pain issues as well as muscle spasms, migraines and inflammation. This incredible strain starts with… View Article

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JEDI KNIGHT OG -aka- Qui Gon Jinn

Jedi Knight Og: Star Wars series: Cross of Death Star and SFV Og.  Great for PTSD, Depression, Stress, headaches and appetite. The best thing about Jedi Knight Og is you will find yourself extremely functional! Jedi is a very unique Indica that  acts more like a Sativa bringing a serious euphoric cerebral energy to the brain…. View Article

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