Purple Dragon: ADHD  Catalog



Bird of Paradise: Medicinal benefits, PTSD, inflammation, depression, Migraines, anxiety, nausea: Bird of Paradise was a 12 year work of eventual achievment.  The medicinal benefits this incredible plant offers are awesome! Being a  Hybrid cross of  Kali Snapple X Blue Heron: Her terepine profile alone is impressive and complex! This is one really nice strain…. View Article

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Blue Cheese: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for PTSD, ADHD, Migraines, Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia and Bipolar Disorder: Blue Cheese is a cross of the famous DJ Shorts Blueberry an excellent old school heavy Indica Dominant that provides excellent pain relief and relaxation and another very famous old school strain from England called UK Cheese! Which miraculously made its… View Article

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Wonder Drops 25.1 BOGO

Wonder Drops CBD tincture Oil: 25.1 Ratio: Ratio 350mg CBD – 14mg THC: Great for Chronic Pain: Anti Anxiety, Relaxation: Wonder Drops CBD oil is simply one of the best that I have found! I always look for quality products! This hands down is one of the best for clean and pure unadulterated and pesticide… View Article

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