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Why Local Grown Medical Cannabis Is Better For San Diego

One of the most common question I get asked by a few new medical marijuana patients is. should the choose from a service that supports corporate growing that keeps the quality and prices lower, or independent cannabis growers who focus on high quality flower that is obviously a little more expensive?

Let me explain!!

We believe in buying from smaller independent growers because they tend to grow better quality medical marijuana period! Why is this?

A: Because they have more control and are more hands on.

B: Tend to really love what they do!

We’ve noticed the difference because it’s not all about profit! We truly believe in the notion of you get what you pay for!  Hence it may cost a little more, however we would much rather support smaller independent cannabis growers than large greedy corporate commercial operations,  who,  a few years ago were nowhere to be found!  Oh wait! I know where they were, WALL STREET!!! Now these same people are trying to get a foot hold on the whole medical marijuana market, and are playing the business 101 corporate game of squeezing the little guys out, by flooding the market from huge massive grows, with cheap prices and inferior product, compared to what we try to provide.

Medical Marijuana – Better quality means better medication

THERE IS NO COMPARISON!! There are medical marijuana strains we carry you cannot find anywhere else except at Purple Dragon. Strains such as Super Glue NJ#7 or Lady “O”. We really seek out the very best,  we pay more too and we are ok with that. So it is all relative.  I am a big believer in supporting a dying breed of dedicated and talented growers, that the gluttonous masses that are coming in just for pure profit are trying to put out of business!!  So they can have it all!  They care little for what is in your flower, what poisonous fungicides or pesticides are in your medical marijuana. In fact, everyone knows that it is impossible to grow on those levels and not use those dangerous chemicals !

Corporate farming has already ruined the water, land, food, and animals.  It became a big business, where profit took priority over our health, the environment and the planet. Do you truly think its any different with your Flower and meds??!!  The Bottom line for them is The Bottom dollar!  There are good companies already out there, so know what your spending your money on!  We do careful research to find the right medical cannabis companies to work with who really get this industry and are good people!!

We choose to support those people and business’s that were in this a long time ago, when everything was different. So if you`re wondering,  that’s where your money is going. It`s supporting the little guys who for once have a chance to be a part of a great and wonderful industry!

Just remember.

Every dollar you spend dictates where and what you really want to support, and that’s not just here, that’s in everything you spend it on!

That is your power and your voice as to how you, the consumer really wants things to be in the future!!

Be Well from Mr Dee and Purple Dragon!!

Be sure to buy locally grown high quality medical cannabis now here


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