The Purple Dragon Story

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Purple Dragon – The Beginning

Before I start my descriptions and tell the amazing story of Purple Dragon, let me say this! That within 3-5 years cannabis will have a way more definitive classifications! I said it here first! Actually i’ve been saying this for years. Why might you ask? Because the one in place is outdated! Confusing! Misleading! Even the feds back in the 50’s who made cannabis a schedule one drug didn’t even know about CBD’s. Let alone Cbn’s etc etc!  After repeated embarrassments from those in the know of their own gross oversight the Fed’s recently filed in federal court this year to make CBD’s (You guessed it!!) Schedule one as well! Even though it is now on the verge of it being legalized nationwide! Jesus guys way to still be behind the 8 Ball! A little late?? Yah Think!

 Even In Jeb Bush Country state of Florida. they Legalized Charlotte’s Web ( A high potency Cbd Plant for Kids with many different issues Like epilepsy and chronic seizures). one has to ask the serious question of why? I mean if the Medical Assoc. FDA can finally admit they were wrong about Cannabis having no  known medical benefits?! What’s really going on?! Inquiring minds really do want to know! Something is not right! Yet I have digressed! ( Warning get used to it I do that alot! I will also say it is not wasted digression! )
 The Wall is crumbling slowly. about the medical. Better late than never I guess.
On a personal note I think thats a move to put it in the lovely hands of the big Chem companies like Pfizer! Yeah! like they deserve to contribute to the health and well being of the human race. ( maybe they feel guilty for all the pain and extra suffering they’ve caused with all their poison that trusting people have been consuming for decades! I’ve always wondered Do any of the people invested in Pfizer ever feel anything when they sit down to their $1000 a plate luncheons that all that money they make was on the backs of the needlessly suffering people??
(Probably not my good man, and please pass the Hollandaise!) Disgusting I say. And now a certain Ceo gets arrested for flooding the market with millions of dollars of opioids. Holy crap and suddenly every Doctor is concerned for their patients and is prescribing to their patients. Hey! Lets take a wild guess and figure its not so much that they really care about any one individual, as is the gigantic word LAWSUIT is staring all of them in their face for being so blatantly writing mass amounts of prescriptions, like they were PEZ candies ( remember those?) that has created a zombie nation of legal drug addicts!! Lawyers are already lining up to sue the living crap out of them! When will it end?!
Once again, I have truly digressed, yet not! Why? Well because this is the very reason I am in the cannabis business! I became addicted after major surgery some years back, to you guessed it an opioid called morphine and all in just in 9 days! Need to tell you it is not a pleasant experience coming off that garbage either!  Hot and cold sweats and forget enjoying anything going down your mouth because its all coming right back up! Too descriptive?! No its not it was hell, so much so I told myself since I was looking at to additional surgeries down the road, I was gonna have to figure out something else Because this was not happening again! And i did! on the second surgery I told them to take me off after the 3rd day I would grin and bear the cutting pain from that point forward and I did! Just so you get this wasn’t  just some paper cut. I was literally sliced from my sternum past 2 inches from my belly button for major intestinal repair from a ruptured sigmoid colon! Pain was brutal till I got home! Where in I started eating raw cannabis! Cured already! It didn’t take long before I figured out how much to eat 3 times a day and honestly it worked better than I had imagined. that first night I slept like a baby and I was also suffering from an arthritic hip condition which made me restless and hard to sleep! First morning when I woke up I realized just how valuable this plant was! it was the first decent night sleep I had even had i close to 6 months. I immediately realized I had been in sleep deprivation, I actually was incredibly depressed and not feeling good about anything. A light went on that has never burned out and I owe it to this incredible plant that has so many things to  offer!  To Be Continued—-
Mr Dee

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