Medical Marijuana Delivery San Diego.

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The Purple Dragon – Medical Marijuana Delivery in San Diego.

San Diego County medical marijuana delivery? Welcome to PURPLE DRAGON! We are veterans with medical cannabis delivery service experience for San Diego, Chula Vista, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Jolla, Encinitas, Spring Valley and San Diego County which means we have not only been associated with some of the best delivery services but we have also worked with them. As a result of this, we finally decided to venture out on our own and create Purple Dragon, where quality of product and customer service for the San Diego County medical cannabis delivery market are synonymous. We are looking forward to helping you, our clients and customers to meet all of your medicating needs, by supplying professional staff and the highest quality San Diego county medical marijuana delivery.

Purple Dragon is raising the standard for you, our expertise and knowledge means the we can provide you with what you need, quickly, accurately and with professional discretion. We know you like us, are well aware of the reputation of so many questionable delivery services, who not only force you to deal with untrained, badly informed employees, but also operate under a business model that expects you, the customer, to accept deception, dishonesty, rudeness and threatening behavior. We believe there is a better way, The Purple Dragon Way.

So what is The Purple Dragon Way?

  • We believe that in order to serve you better, our business must focus on a business model that promotes longevity. We know, having spoken to many medical cannabis users throughout San Diego County, that one of the biggest complaints is that so many other services seem to care more about making a quick buck at your expense before disappearing once they have taken enough of your money. Certainly,  you like us agree that your health is not a get rich quick scheme for shady merchants. This is not a matter that is up for debate and that is why we have created The Purple Dragon Way for San Diego County medical marijuana delivery.
  • Our trained staff will never force you to buy anything or any strain of medical marijuana that you are not happy with.
  • We understand the importance to you, our customers, of  being discreet and professional!
  • We take pride in having something for everyone and no matter what shelf it is,  it will still be of a high quality standard regardless of the price. We search high and low for the best deals and still pass it on to you.
  • The Purple Dragon commitment to quality and service guarantee means that if, in the unlikely event that you decide you are not happy with our product, then you will never be intimidated or made to pay for it. We will always refund your money, minus the difference, or replace with something more preferable.
  • Purple Dragon are the first San Diego County medical marijuana delivery service to introduce a San Diego Medical Cannabis Patient Charter, you can read about that here

San Diego County Medical Marijuana Delivery – Our Promise to you – Professional, discreet and always premium medical cannabis

We strive to be the best that we can be , to provide the best product we can find and to set new levels of service and excellence.  Your feedback is important in this process and we always welcome comments or suggestions.

Again looking forward to all your medicating needs, and that is a promise.



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