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Pay No Taxes – Best FTP Deal in San Diego County

FIRST TIME PATIENTS' DEAL : Pay No Taxes – Best FTP Deal in San Diego County

Best FTP Deal – $99=10 Grams Pick 5 strains 2 Grams apiece any Shelf!!

This deal includes Jungle Boys, AMBROSIA, Gold Rush Nugs and Akashic.

Everyone knows this is the best First Time Patient Deal you will ever find in San Diego, that`s why first time patients flock to San Diego`s premier medical collective, San Diego Medical Cannabis Delivery.

Because we are a purely medical collective, by the way you will not pay taxes. You can either shop around around recreational dispensaries and find a more expensive product, or you can become a FTP and never be worried again

As a first time patient we want you to see, experience and sample what we really have, because we are an ethical medical collective which means we only carry the best medical cannabis, edibles, cbd and vapes.

From top to bottom we carry quality strains that are right for your budget and when you begin to realize just how high grade our medical cannabis products are, you`ll be glad you bought them.

Pick 5 different Strains 2 Grams per strain from any shelf for only $99.00! No limitations, no gimmicks, no bait and switch! In fact, some of our newest patients have already told me how much better their lives are.

This FTP deal also includes all Connoisseurs Corner, (including Jungle Boys), exclusive Exotics as well as infused flowers AMBROSIA and Gold Rush Nugs, plus our highly regarded co2 infused flower, Akashic, which puts Moonrocks to shame!!

In fact, experts who study medical cannabis realize Jungle Boys flower is the best.

Obviously, when new first time patients stop and realize just what an amazing deal this is, they usually call 760-636-8366 right away.

Free Extra FTP Gifts

When you become a FTP with Purple Dragon then you also receive special extra free gifts: $50=Pre-Roll or $75=MiniDare or $100=1 Gram Ambrosia

Enjoy Mr DEE;)

Zp_mike 5.0

Purple Dragon Rules

Sour og as well as the northern lights is exceding expectations were others have failed ppd is producing at a consistent rate, from a tough critic to another, job well done wit these two strains
Space Cow 5.0

Best Bud

Timely delivery, friendly service, awesome driver and the BEST top shelf bud I ever had. Silver animal cookies had me laughing my ass off after two hits and I'm a regular smoker. 12/10 recommend this place to anyone else to get a good experience
NWVolvo 5.0

Glad to be a Purple Dragon Customer!

If quality and great service are your biggest priorities... then look no further. I have been a customer of Mr. Dee's for awhile now and always come away more than satisfied!! The staff get high marks for friendly and prompt service and his drivers are professional and courteous. Most important is the high quality of the strains. I've always enjoyed checking out the cool stories in the product descriptions and there are also specific details related to the medical conditions best served by each one. This was especially valuable information for me when I was a new customer. Thanks Purple Dragon!
Krivers1 5.0

Best deals, best buds

Purple dragon delivery is hands down one of the best delivery services in the greater SD area. They have top notch bud and at a very reasonable price. I personally recommend the ambrosia, the stuff is unbelievable, 12/10 quality, unlike many buds I've seen, great tasting. The deal of the day is always where its at. Looking forward to continue getting the best buds at the best price.
j6ifford 5.0

The best delivery service in San Diego.

Been all over the place, and these guys are the best. The bud quality will blow you away. The prices on the buds are so good I thought it was an error. Lol Every delivery has been within an hour. Mr. Dee will take care of you!
RobertHernandez 5.0

Amazing first time patient deal!

Got a deal of the day and the amazing first time patient deal! the GSC Bud was super dense and very dank! Recommend this place! Service is great, quality is there, and they are on time perfectly.
Hrenem 5.0

Mr Dee really cares for his patients

I won't lie, I was a bit hesitant at first doing the FTP Deal, 10 gs for $89, as most dispensaries who have deals like that don't offer the best quality. However, I am very pleased with the flower that I got! Not only that, but the delivery driver (I'm awful at names) was very nice, fast, and professional. I had the pleasure of setting my order up with Mr Dee, and he was so helpful and nice to talk to! I can really tell he cares about taking care of his patients and that means a lot to me! He is such a friendly guy and fun to talk to. I will definitely be calling again.
420_Chris_420 4.8

Awesome Delivery Service! Great Meds

Called in for the first time today. Was really impressed with their Kali Thunder F#@k and Alien Moonshine. Very sticky dense nugs. Great Quality and Fast Delivery. Try Them For sure!!!!!!
achalmers65 5.0

Great menu, staff!

As a first time patient, they were great getting me set up and answering all of my questions. The free preroll was bomb, and I never say that about a free joint. The menu is crazy and I can't wait to try them all! Fast delivery time, too