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I need to tell you right now the incredible and original Northern Lights Number 5 has just hit the shelves. By now you`ll have heard that there was a small delay to get it in our store, but we`re pleased to announce that you can get it there now without any problems. We feel proud to have done so at last.”!

Northern Lights Number 5 is claimed to be the first and the true original Northern Lights that many others have different versions of or phenotypes. Yet none have come close to this one and I don`t know if you realize that this is selling fast!

This is a new addition from Surfer Dude a magnificent grower who really loves what he does and you will smell, taste, whamness to the face and head and body of a superior grown Northern Lights #5

When I first opened the bag, I said to the guy this smells like OG are you sure you brought me the right Strain?! He did not tell me what he was really bringing so to my surprise he then revealed what he had actually brought me. Its Northern Lights Man! What do you expect? The Blue hues are gorgeous and the smoke??!! Jesus!! Thats not just any smoke, it`s the real deal Northern Lights Experience!

I will get straight to the point! Northern Lights is a very relaxing stimulating, euphoric even sensually arousing flower. Which is why it is such a popular strain. It kind of covers all the bases! This has everything you are looking for from flavor smoke and taste trim job. Everything is top quality with this LADY of The House!!

You can call 619-635-1729 whilst this rare opportunity lasts, because if you enjoy a legendary smoke that you have heard so much about,  then you will want to experience Northern Lights Number 5 now! Mr DEE;)

Returning Patients


CBD oil ( WONDER Drops ) .5 fluid ounces of liquid 350mg of total cannabinoids

Well I once again have been searching for a high quality CBD Product and this is one. I am very happy to offer Peaks CBD oil. Their refining process is unique to most others, and thats not some fancy line! From their vape oils to their CBD oil, they have a non destructive process, preserving the integrity of all of the important components in all their oils, destroying absolutely nothing. This has 350 mg of cannabis CBD and 14 mg of thc which is important, since without Thc the CBD’s would be inactive an not very efficient. They actually work in cohesion together fighting of cancer cells and helping with many things such as focus ( Great for ADHD and ADD ) As well as a wonderful alternative for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, appetite stimulant, without the high ” Stoney or high part ” of it! So if you are tired of opiates and feeling catatonic,you will really love the relief this can bring. Mr DEE 🙂

OG KIEF ( Dry Ice Hash ) AAA

This is a finest Quality of kief hash you will find. It is AAA grade so fine its like baby powder and super potent, high quality and great smoke. Typically used as a additional additive to a bowl of bud or a joint by just sprinkling on a small amount. For a bowl best smoked by centering between 2 layers of bud! needs a higher heat less waste. So Enjoy! Mr DEE


These are Co2 High Thc Wax balls rolled to the size of bee bees melded and rolled in the finest Dry ice Kief hash.These are perfect for putting a little spice and giddy up in your bowl or bong. Fill bowl half way then place ball in the center of the bud then cover over the top with more bud. start by lighting the middle first allowing wax to melt into bud, the rest is history. Seriously enjoy Mr DEE.


Cowboy Xtracts, thick and easy to apply Sap to a joint or easily apply like Dabbing. Lab tested at 77% Thc! This is some very potent thick pasty Co2 wax from Cowboy Extracts. This will be some of the smoothest Wax You’ve ever smoked, It is Co2 DeCarboxylated Wax Safer/Easier to use! (( Decarboxylation is a process using heat at 180 degrees which converts THC A into THC 1 which makes it, as well assome CBN’S and CBD’s’ more available for ingestion and increasing the overall potency of product as well )) You can Dab/Vape/Smoke, although it is edible it is tough for most to consume by itself. Has a very strong taste works well if maked with other foods. Although we have one Patient who loves to put it in their tea! or Hot beverages says it is awesome that way. So to each their own! you’ve been warned. So Enjoy! Mr DEE:)

RadWax 1 gram TANGY SOUR

Man if you want to talk about about tasty?! This Tangy sour smells and tastes like sour Tangerines and is a really super potent RadWax Semi shatter. Its is Both is a very clean shatter. Its is soft and a bit tacky but not ridiculous . As usual just throw in the freezer if it gets too sticky. Ive been able to touch with my fingers without much fuss. Enjoy a super tasty Semi Shatter! Enjoy! mr DEE;)

Zp_mike 5.0

Purple Dragon Rules

Sour og as well as the northern lights is exceding expectations were others have failed ppd is producing at a consistent rate, from a tough critic to another, job well done wit these two strains
Space Cow 5.0

Best Bud

Timely delivery, friendly service, awesome driver and the BEST top shelf bud I ever had. Silver animal cookies had me laughing my ass off after two hits and I'm a regular smoker. 12/10 recommend this place to anyone else to get a good experience
NWVolvo 5.0

Glad to be a Purple Dragon Customer!

If quality and great service are your biggest priorities... then look no further. I have been a customer of Mr. Dee's for awhile now and always come away more than satisfied!! The staff get high marks for friendly and prompt service and his drivers are professional and courteous. Most important is the high quality of the strains. I've always enjoyed checking out the cool stories in the product descriptions and there are also specific details related to the medical conditions best served by each one. This was especially valuable information for me when I was a new customer. Thanks Purple Dragon!
Krivers1 5.0

Best deals, best buds

Purple dragon delivery is hands down one of the best delivery services in the greater SD area. They have top notch bud and at a very reasonable price. I personally recommend the ambrosia, the stuff is unbelievable, 12/10 quality, unlike many buds I've seen, great tasting. The deal of the day is always where its at. Looking forward to continue getting the best buds at the best price.
j6ifford 5.0

The best delivery service in San Diego.

Been all over the place, and these guys are the best. The bud quality will blow you away. The prices on the buds are so good I thought it was an error. Lol Every delivery has been within an hour. Mr. Dee will take care of you!
RobertHernandez 5.0

Amazing first time patient deal!

Got a deal of the day and the amazing first time patient deal! the GSC Bud was super dense and very dank! Recommend this place! Service is great, quality is there, and they are on time perfectly.
Hrenem 5.0

Mr Dee really cares for his patients

I won't lie, I was a bit hesitant at first doing the FTP Deal, 10 gs for $89, as most dispensaries who have deals like that don't offer the best quality. However, I am very pleased with the flower that I got! Not only that, but the delivery driver (I'm awful at names) was very nice, fast, and professional. I had the pleasure of setting my order up with Mr Dee, and he was so helpful and nice to talk to! I can really tell he cares about taking care of his patients and that means a lot to me! He is such a friendly guy and fun to talk to. I will definitely be calling again.
420_Chris_420 4.8

Awesome Delivery Service! Great Meds

Called in for the first time today. Was really impressed with their Kali Thunder F#@k and Alien Moonshine. Very sticky dense nugs. Great Quality and Fast Delivery. Try Them For sure!!!!!!
achalmers65 5.0

Great menu, staff!

As a first time patient, they were great getting me set up and answering all of my questions. The free preroll was bomb, and I never say that about a free joint. The menu is crazy and I can't wait to try them all! Fast delivery time, too