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"I need to tell you that

Right Now we have the incredible and original BERNER’S Girl Scout Cookies!
Berner’s Cookies are claimed to be the first and the true original Girl Scout Cookie that many others have different versions of or phenotypes. Yet none have come close to this one! Supposed history says that Girl Scout Cookies is made up of crosses using Cherry Pie and Durban Poison. Berner claims that not only is that not true his Girl Scout Cookie was the first and is the only one that has the true genetics of what was only recently disclosed as an OG crossed with an undisclosed F1 and a specific phenotype Durban Poison.

Berner is a famous rapper from San francisco blew up Cookies back in the day yet only now comes out and says there is more to the Cookie story. True or not! What I do have to say is what I picked up I personally have never seen nor smelled before. When I first opened the bag, I said to the guy this smells like OG are you sure you brought m the right Strain?! He did not tell me what he was really bringing so to my surprise he then revealed what he had actually brought me. Its Berner’s Man! What do you expect? The Blue hues are gorgeous and the smoke??!! Jesus!! Thats not just any COOKIE its SUPER COOKIE!
I will get straight to the point! This stuff is potent and hits way harder than any traditional Cookie. It really has that OG kick in the pants! It also carries a way stronger head to her. Mostly I can say these are some pretty spectacular cookies and they are definitely not a Cherry Pie Crossed with a Durban Poison! We have had rave reviews and even a friend who had the real deal back in San Francisco said this is ” The Real Deal! ” They Are a specific OG crossed with an unknown F1 that was crossed with a special Durban Poison that created Berner’s Cookies! These Cookies have way more of a head high and honestly not for beginners! This coupled with a ridiculous body buzz Berner’s Cookies is worlds away from the average Girl Scout Cookie. This is really a different experience and one well worth taking! Enjoy a great smoke! Mr DEE;)

has just hit the shelves. By now you`ll have heard that there was a small delay to get it in our store, but we`re pleased to announce that you can get it there now without any problems. We feel proud to have done so at last."

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Cannabis Seeds Special Buy2-get-1-FREE

Buy/2/Get/1/FREE: pick from indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Cannabis Seeds.

It is still planting time and we’ve got the best cannabis seeds money can buy! Right here at PURPLE DRAGON. This is a locally cultivated Cannabis seed that is CLIMATIZED to local weather conditions. As you well know we experience some drastic conditions at times. ( Fog can be our enemy!)

Environmentally acclimated to Southern California and San Diego conditions:

Having seeds grown locally is the solution to the new and growing cannabis culture. As opposed to buying seeds from somewhere like Denmark, Amsterdam or Europe in general. Come on you do know what I mean?! Seeds from other countries and states you never know what your getting some of that seed stock is 10 years older or more.

Then there is the dealing with the problems of powdery mildew which for certain kush strains is a horrible problem. Over many years of cultivating these seeds in the San Diego region. the seeds have coalesced through their constant upbringing and are now acclimated to the San Diego environment and own genetic immunities to these problems because they are exposed and are adapting to San Diego’s climate.

FACT! Only the best Cannabis Seeds in stock that do well in Southern and Coastal California conditions:

The very first thing you will find with ZenTwist cannabis seeds is sprouting rates are in the 80 to 90% range. I will tell you a story where I bought some seeds from a company that was from Canada. ( I won’t mention their name ) They were selling at a cannabis show in vegas. They talked and bragged about the high quality of their seeds. I was snookered by their fancy talk and rhetoric, they sounded soooo professional! Why not right?! Well I was right super pissed when I finally sprouted their cannabis seed.

In total I had purchased five different packets of 5 seeds each. I am very good at sprouting seeds. Out of the 20 seeds purchased many of them never even germinated.  I wound up with 2 potential plants the rest that did sprout were terribly deformed. Not worthy of even trying to nurse them to health. What a rip off!

With Zentwist’s seeds, they are careful to take their time and know what they have. All of their seed stock is tested first to insure quality strain control and seed viability.

Zentwist Doesn’t release seeds till they have been grown to their complete fruition.

The strains that Zentwist carries are F#1 crosses that makes them excellent and reliable phenotypes. You will notice some subtle differences yet consistency will be your friend. In general F1’s carry the most dominant traits of both the male and female. Which by the way Zentwist is not very keen on feminized seeds. He believe in the good ole fashioned way. Boy meets Girl, Girl like boy, Boy and Girl have a wild party and make lots of babies!

Get you grow on! Mr DEE:)



You will

Asian Blueberry

What is Asian Blueberry?!

Knowing the exact cross of Asian Blueberry is a mystery! Understandable of course, not everyone wants to tell their deep dark dirty little secrets. Yet I can say, ” this is a very potent strain that can put one down quickly!”

Cool enough Asian Blueberry is grown by a woman, and it wouldn’t be the first time I have said  ” Woman grow some of the best weed around! ” It must be that nurturing vibe.

Medical Marijuana Benefits of

Asian Blueberry:

Asian Blueberry has great properties for a full body relaxation and does well in aiding in physical pain. She has a decent balanced head to her and although some find her easy to sleep with, others have said too thought provoking for a sleep time medication. Does well with appetite stimulation.

Medication starts out with a serious head that eventually smooths out into a nice body warmth. So Asian Blueberry is not for everyone. This bud has a wonderful berrish smell and is a dense bud with sugar coated triches. I would say this was probably picked a little earlier which is what gives it her a bit of that raciness in the beginning. You can see clear and milky white trichomes along with is a clear sign of finishing early.  Nonetheless thats what gives her this excellent upbeat and awake energy in the beginning. Enjoy a very nice smoke for a great price. Mr Dee;)!


CC stands for Connoisseurs Corner! Candy Mann would definitely fall under this category for its potent pain relief and tasty attributes. Candy Mann is the latest of our new in-house releases! It is a culmination of many years of combined breeding using several awesome genetic strains. Ninja who is just one of several prolific growers we use, has developed several of our in-house varieties already. Such as; Silver Animal Cookies, Purple Ninja, Buddha Smiles, Silver Og, Cherry Pop Og, and Lady “O”. Purple Dragon now proudly presents Candy Mann! Ninja’s ” Face Puncher” as we like to say.

Ninja for the past several years has been obsessed with Ogs. He was wanting to get more oomph, to the body high experience. Candy Mann gives a person just that. Although it smells like candy, there is this very distinct Og under current. Which could give one the illusion, that nothing this lovely sweet smelling could be that rude! Lol! Wrooong! I would like to say as strictly informational! Complex smells usually help to identify stronger or unique strains. Some would like to argue with me, yet honestly we are all entitled to an opinion. So it is my opinion and personal experience that this remains a truism for me! Hah! Try to argue that point! As for Candy Mann you can really smell the complexity, which in the cannabis world is a wonderful thing.
Candy Mann is definitely a heavier smoke and in general is meant for the evening part of the day. It brings a really good body relaxation and mind chill as well as the good ole munchies attack and is rocking for a good night’s sleep. As always Enjoy! And be pain free. Mr DEE;)


Super Glue NJ#7 is a really good, sticky icky flower, from the Gorilla Glue Family. This particular batch was let go for an extra 2 weeks and being the Sativa dominant that she is, she showed her gratefulness in her final product. ( Sativas generally like longer finishes, it is inherent to their nature to go 7-8 weeks than the 6 week counterpart Indicas. Because of production timeline issues many people shy away from growing Sativas altogether which is a damn shame! Simply because they see the bottom line dollar. Shorter time to harvest! More harvests per year. Yet if you really want to see a great example of the difference from what she shows in her resin production?! Then here you are! This is a quality smoke even if we were ding a few points off for her looks. Honestly! I think she looks fine and some of these Glues look like they are using Paclo! in case you were wondering Paclo or gravity or … There is a bunch of different names. Paclo is a growth inhibitor, as well as it makes the bud super tight, hard, and dense. ( That one thing has screwed up the business and look of bud for several decades. Not all buds are supposed to look like that! )
Honestly This is how Glues look to me when I first saw them around. More natural, semi dense and bushy bud, with a crap load of resin. In general Glues are becoming renowned for being the new Bud in town. Mostly because of all the benefits they can provide. Super Glue Nj#7 has high Cbd and Cbn levels which really help give immense relief from pain, she is a help aiding in Migraines, and ADHD issues, even anxiety!! The days of just getting stoned and vegging around and cramming your face full of food are over, unless thats what you want to do! One now can truly see that they can do simple to complicated things and they will be alert and focused with a purpose. With Glue becoming the backbone of what we like to call Day Time functional, one can rest assured they don’t have to be a Catatonic Zombie, when dealing with pain. What could be better than that? Please enjoy an excellent strain from NINJA to US to You. Mr DEE;)


This is just more of a good thing. Smaller popcorn sized indoor nugs that give quite the kick for being so small. Honestly we were all surprised, although we shouldn’t be for the very fact it was NINJA who grew this. he is one of our more steady and prolific indoor soil growers whos been doing this for a long time. Silver Og is another one of his own creations and this is our new addition to the family. Silver Og definitely hits heavier and it is a nice smooth smoke great for pain and relaxation along with appetite and sleep. Please enjoy another wonderful Ninja Strain Mr DEE;)

Zp_mike 5.0

Purple Dragon Rules

Sour og as well as the northern lights is exceding expectations were others have failed ppd is producing at a consistent rate, from a tough critic to another, job well done wit these two strains
Space Cow 5.0

Best Bud

Timely delivery, friendly service, awesome driver and the BEST top shelf bud I ever had. Silver animal cookies had me laughing my ass off after two hits and I'm a regular smoker. 12/10 recommend this place to anyone else to get a good experience
NWVolvo 5.0

Glad to be a Purple Dragon Customer!

If quality and great service are your biggest priorities... then look no further. I have been a customer of Mr. Dee's for awhile now and always come away more than satisfied!! The staff get high marks for friendly and prompt service and his drivers are professional and courteous. Most important is the high quality of the strains. I've always enjoyed checking out the cool stories in the product descriptions and there are also specific details related to the medical conditions best served by each one. This was especially valuable information for me when I was a new customer. Thanks Purple Dragon!
Krivers1 5.0

Best deals, best buds

Purple dragon delivery is hands down one of the best delivery services in the greater SD area. They have top notch bud and at a very reasonable price. I personally recommend the ambrosia, the stuff is unbelievable, 12/10 quality, unlike many buds I've seen, great tasting. The deal of the day is always where its at. Looking forward to continue getting the best buds at the best price.
j6ifford 5.0

The best delivery service in San Diego.

Been all over the place, and these guys are the best. The bud quality will blow you away. The prices on the buds are so good I thought it was an error. Lol Every delivery has been within an hour. Mr. Dee will take care of you!
RobertHernandez 5.0

Amazing first time patient deal!

Got a deal of the day and the amazing first time patient deal! the GSC Bud was super dense and very dank! Recommend this place! Service is great, quality is there, and they are on time perfectly.
Hrenem 5.0

Mr Dee really cares for his patients

I won't lie, I was a bit hesitant at first doing the FTP Deal, 10 gs for $89, as most dispensaries who have deals like that don't offer the best quality. However, I am very pleased with the flower that I got! Not only that, but the delivery driver (I'm awful at names) was very nice, fast, and professional. I had the pleasure of setting my order up with Mr Dee, and he was so helpful and nice to talk to! I can really tell he cares about taking care of his patients and that means a lot to me! He is such a friendly guy and fun to talk to. I will definitely be calling again.
420_Chris_420 4.8

Awesome Delivery Service! Great Meds

Called in for the first time today. Was really impressed with their Kali Thunder F#@k and Alien Moonshine. Very sticky dense nugs. Great Quality and Fast Delivery. Try Them For sure!!!!!!
achalmers65 5.0

Great menu, staff!

As a first time patient, they were great getting me set up and answering all of my questions. The free preroll was bomb, and I never say that about a free joint. The menu is crazy and I can't wait to try them all! Fast delivery time, too